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Terms and Conditions


When ordering Atlas Cargo (High Speed Atlas Cargo Services LLC) services you, as “Shipper”, are agreeing, on your behalf and on behalf of the receiver of the Shipment (“Receiver”) and anyone else with an interest in the Shipment that these Terms and Conditions shall apply.

“Shipment” means all documents or parcels that travel under one waybill and which may be carried by any means ATLASCARGO (High Speed Atlas Cargo Services LLC) chooses, including air, road or any other carrier. A “waybill” shall include any Shipment identifier or document produced by ATLASCARGO or Shipper automated systems such as a label, barcode, waybill or consignment note as well as any electronic version thereof. Every Shipment is transported on a limited liability basis as provided herein. If Shipper requires greater protection, then insurance may be arranged at an additional cost. (Please see below for further information). “ATLASCARGO” means any member of the ATLASCARGO Express Network.
  • “United Arab of Emirates is our country of domicile” and stipulate that the
    governing law is the local law.
  • Visa and Master Card) and which currencies will be accepted for payment
  • We will not trade with or provide any services to OFAC and sanctioned countries.
  • Customer using the website who are Minor /under the age of 18 shall not register as a User of the website and shall not transact on or use the website.
  • Cardholder must retain a copy of transaction records and Merchant policies and rules.
  • User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his account.
Customs Clearance

ATLASCARGO (High Speed Atlas Cargo Services LLC)  may perform any of the following activities on Shipper’s or Receiver’s behalf in order to provide its services: (1) complete any documents, amend product or service codes, and pay any duties, taxes or penalties required under applicable laws and regulations (“Customs Duties”), (2) act as Shipper’s forwarding agent for customs and export control purposes and as Receiver solely for the purpose of designating a customs broker to perform customs clearance and entry and (3) redirect the Shipment to Receiver’s customs broker or other address upon request by any person who ATLASCARGO believes in its reasonable opinion to be authorized.

Unacceptable Items
A Shipment is deemed unacceptable if:

  • no customs declaration is made when required by applicable customs regulations,

  • it contains counterfeit goods, animals, bullion, currency, gem stones; weapons, explosives and ammunition; human remains; illegal items, such as ivory and narcotics,

  • it is classified as hazardous material, dangerous goods, prohibited or restricted articles by IATA (International Air Transport Association), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), ADR (European Road Transport Regulation on dangerous goods) or other relevant organization (“Dangerous Goods”),

  • its address is incorrect or not properly marked or its packaging is defective or inadequate to ensure safe transportation with ordinary care in handling,

  • it contains any other item which ATLASCARGO decides cannot be carried safely or legally.
Deliveries and Undeliverables
Shipments cannot be delivered to PO boxes or postal codes. Shipments are delivered to the Receiver’s address given by Shipper but not necessarily to the named Receiver personally. Shipments to addresses with a central receiving area will be delivered to that area.

ATLASCARGO may notify Receiver of an upcoming delivery or a missed delivery. Receiver may be offered alternative delivery options such as delivery on another day, no signature required, redirection or collection at a ATLASCARGO Service Point. Shipper may exclude some delivery options on request.

If the Shipment is deemed to be unacceptable as described in Section 2, or it has been undervalued for customs purposes, or Receiver cannot be reasonably identified or located, or Receiver refuses delivery or to pay Customs Duties or other Shipment charges, ATLASCARGO shall use reasonable efforts to return the Shipment to Shipper at Shipper’s cost, failing which the Shipment may be released, disposed of or sold without incurring any liability whatsoever to Shipper or anyone else, with the proceeds applied against Customs Duties, Shipment charges and related administrative costs with the balance of the proceeds of a sale to be returned to Shipper. ATLASCARGO shall have the right to destroy any Shipment which any law prevents ATLASCARGO from returning to Shipper as well as any Shipment of Dangerous Goods.



ATLASCARGO has the right to open and inspect a Shipment without notice for safety, security, customs or other regulatory reasons.

Shipment Charges and Fees
ATLASCARGO Shipment charges are calculated according to the higher of actual or volumetric weight per piece and any piece may be re-weighed and re-measured by ATLASCARGO to confirm this calculation.

Shipper, or the Receiver when ATLASCARGO acts on Receiver’s behalf, shall pay or reimburse ATLASCARGO for all Shipment or other charges due, or Customs Duties owed for services provided by ATLASCARGO or incurred by ATLASCARGO on Shipper’s or Receiver’s behalf. Payment of Customs Duties may be requested prior to delivery.

If ATLASCARGO uses its credit with the Customs Authorities or advances any Customs Duties on behalf of a Receiver who does not have an account with ATLASCARGO, ATLASCARGO shall be entitled to assess a fee.


Atlas Cargo Liability
6.1 ATLASCARGO liability in respect of any one Shipment transported by air (including ancillary road transport or stops en route) is limited by the Montreal Convention or the Warsaw Convention as applicable, or in the absence of such Convention, to the lower of (i) the current market or declared value, or (ii) 22 Special Drawing Rights per kilogram (approximately $US 30.00 per kilogram). Such limits shall also apply to all other forms of transportation, except where Shipments are carried only by road, when the limits below apply.

For cross border Shipments transported by road, ATLASCARGO liability is or shall be deemed to be limited by the Convention for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) to the lower of (i) current market value or declared value, or (ii) 8.33 Special Drawing Rights per kilogram (approximately $US 11.00 per kilogram). Such limits will also apply to national road transportation in the absence of any mandatory or lower liability limits in the applicable national transport law.

If Shipper regards these limits as insufficient it must make a special declaration of value and request insurance as described in Section 8 or make its own insurance arrangements.

ATLASCARGO liability is strictly limited to direct loss and damage to a Shipment only and to the per kilogram limits in this Section 6. All other types of loss or damage are excluded (including but not limited to lost profits, income, interest, future business), whether such loss or damage is special or indirect, and even if the risk of such loss or damage was brought to ATLASCARGO attention.

6.2 ATLASCARGO will make every reasonable effort to deliver the Shipment according to ATLASCARGO regular delivery schedules, but these schedules are not binding and do not form part of the contract. ATLASCARGO is not liable for any damages or loss caused by delay, but for certain Shipments, Shipper may be able to claim limited delay compensation under the Money Back Guarantee terms and conditions.

All claims must be submitted in writing to ATLASCARGO within thirty (30) days from the date that ATLASCARGO accepted the Shipment, failing which ATLASCARGO shall have no liability whatsoever. Claims are limited to one claim per Shipment, settlement of which will be full and final settlement for all loss or damage in connection therewith.

Shipment Insurance

ATLASCARGO may be able to arrange insurance covering the value in respect of loss of or damage to the Shipment, provided that the Shipper so instructs ATLASCARGO in writing, including by completing the insurance section on the front of the waybill or by ATLASCARGO automated systems and pays the applicable premium. Shipment insurance does not cover indirect loss or damage, or loss or damage caused by delays.

Circumtances Beyond Atlas Cargo Control

ATLASCARGO is not liable for any loss or damage arising out of circumstances beyond ATLASCARGO control. These include but are not limited to electrical or magnetic damage to, or erasure of, electronic or photographic images, data or recordings; any defect or characteristic related to the nature of the Shipment, even if known to ATLASCARGO; any act or omission by a person not employed or contracted by ATLASCARGO – e.g. Shipper, Receiver, third party, customs or other government official; “Force Majeure” – e.g. earthquake, cyclone, storm, flood, fog, war, plane crash, embargo, riot, civil commotion, or industrial action.



Additional Important Information

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  • Shippers Warranties and Indemnities
  • Routing
  • Governing Law
  • Severability
  • Data Privacy Policy
  • Refund Policy
  • Cancellation Policy
Shippers Warranties and Indemnities
Shipper shall indemnify and hold ATLASCARGO harmless for any loss or damage arising out of Shipper’s failure to comply with the following warranties and representations:

  • all information provided by Shipper or its representatives is complete and accurate;

  • the Shipment is acceptable for transport under Section 2 above;

  • the Shipment was prepared in secure premises by reliable persons and was protected against unauthorized interference during preparation, storage and any transportation to ATLASCARGO;

  • Shipper has complied with all applicable customs, import, export, data protection laws, sanctions, embargos and other laws and regulations; and

  • Shipper has obtained all necessary consents in relation to personal data provided to ATLASCARGO including Receiver’s data as may be required for transport, customs clearance and delivery, such as e-mail address and mobile phone number.

Shipper agrees to all routing and diversion, including the possibility that the Shipment may be carried via intermediate stopping places.

Governing Law

Any dispute arising under or in any way connected with these Terms and Conditions shall be subject, for the benefit of ATLASCARGO, to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of, and governed by the law of the country of origin of the Shipment and Shipper irrevocably submits to such jurisdiction, unless contrary to applicable law.


The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision shall not affect any other part of these Terms and Conditions.

Data Privacy Policy

Where Customer is an individual (i.e., a natural person), AtlasCargo will act as a controller of any personal data provided by the customer to AtlasCargo for the purpose of allowing the services to be provided. AtlasCargo will process those personal data under the terms of AtlasCargo Privacy Policy. Where Customer is a company, or otherwise not an individual, process personal data provided by Customer in accordance with the Data Processing Agreement.

Privacy Policy

High Speed Atlas Cargo Services, with registered offices at P.O. Box 95946, Dubai, UAE (“AtlasCargo”), is committed to protecting the online privacy of the users of this website (“Website”). As such, this Privacy Policy has been written in order to allow you to understand AtlasCargo policy regarding your privacy, as well as how your personal information will be handled when using the Website. This Privacy Policy will also provide you with information so that you are able to consent to the processing of your personal data in an explicit and informed manner, where appropriate.

In general, any information and data which you provide to AtlasCargo over the Website, or which is otherwise gathered via the Website by AtlasCargo, in the context of the use of AtlasCargo services (“Services”), will be processed by AtlasCargo in a lawful, fair and transparent manner. To this end, and as further described below, AtlasCargo takes into consideration internationally recognised principles governing the processing of personal data, such as purpose limitation, storage limitation, data minimisation, data quality and confidentiality.


  1. Data controller and Data Protection Officer
  2. Personal Data processed
    1. Name, contact details and other Personal Data
    2. Job applications
    3. Special categories of Personal Data
    4. Other persons’ Personal Data
    5. Browsing data
    6. Cookies
  3. Purposes of processing
  4. Grounds for processing and mandatory or discretionary nature of processing
  5. Recipients of Personal Data
  6. Transfer of Personal Data
  7. Retention of Personal Data
  8. Data subjects’ rights
  9. Amendments


  1. Data controller and Data Protection Officer

AtlasCargo, as identified at the top of this Privacy Policy, is the data controller regarding all personal data processing carried out through the Website.

To get in touch with AtlasCargo Data Protection Officer, please contact: privacy@atlascargome.

  1. Personal Data processed

When you use the Website, AtlasCargo will collect and process information regarding you (as an individual) which allows you to be identified either by itself, or together with other information which has been collected. AtlasCargo may also be able to collect and process information regarding other persons in this same manner, if you choose to provide it to AtlasCargo.

This information may be classified as “Personal Data”, and can be collected by AtlasCargo both when you choose to provide it (e.g., when you sign up for an account, in order to receive AtlasCargo Services) or simply by analysing your behaviour on the Website.

Personal Data which can be processed by AtlasCargo through the Website are as follows:

  1. Name, contact details and other Personal Data

In various sections of the Website – including, in particular, if you decide to create an account on the Website – you will be asked to submit information such as your name, phone / mobile numbers, e-mail address, gender, date of birth, country of residence and address, as well as, in certain cases, information related to the company you currently work for and your position in that company. When subscribing or signing up to receive Services, you will need to provide information as to your preferred mode of payment – PayPal or credit card – which can be set as a default payment option (where available).

In addition, whenever you participate in surveys and other promotions or contests which may be available on the Website, as well as whenever you communicate with AtlasCargo through the contact details provided in the Website or by telephone with Customer Service, AtlasCargo may collect additional information which you choose to provide. This is also the case regarding any information you choose to disclose in certain sections of the Website which allow you to participate in a public forum or to contact AtlasCargo directly.

  1. Job applications

When registering to apply for a position within AtlasCargo, in the “Careers” section of the Website (where available), you will also be asked to provide various types of Personal Data, including professional / employment details (e.g., resume, cover letter, professional qualifications, availability to start, professional social media URLs, etc.).

You are also asked to provide other job-specific information, which includes your marital status, gender and date of birth, which may help to give more insight into you as a candidate – however, this is entirely optional and not mandatory (unless otherwise provided by the applicable law).

  1. Special categories of Personal Data

Certain areas of the Website include free text fields where you can write messages to AtlasCargo, or otherwise allow you to post various types of content on the Website, which may contain Personal Data.

Where these fields are completely free, you may use them to disclose, or may post content which discloses (inadvertently or not) more sensitive categories of Personal Data, such as data revealing your racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership. The content you upload in these fields may also (inadvertently or not) include other types of sensitive information relating to you, such as your genetic data, biometric data or data concerning your health, sex life or sexual orientation.

AtlasCargo asks that you do not disclose any sensitive Personal Data in these free text fields or in your posts on the Website, unless you consider this to be strictly necessary. If you do, then you will be considered as having consented to AtlasCargo processing of this Personal Data, which will be considered lawful also due to the fact that you have publicly disclosed it on the Website.

In any case, AtlasCargo would stress the importance of providing your explicit consent to process this sort of Personal Data (e.g., by declaring that you consent to processing in the message you write in the free text fields or posts), if you decide, nonetheless, to share it.

When registering to apply for a position within AtlasCargo, in the “Careers” section of the Website (where available), you are also asked to submit (optionally) additional Personal Data, identified as “job-specific information”. Here, you may choose to share information, e.g., regarding any disabilities you may have. As it is totally optional to provide this information, if you do, then you will be considered as having consented to AtlasCargo processing of this Personal Data, which will be considered lawful also due to the fact that you have publicly disclosed it on the Website.

  1. Other persons’ Personal Data

As mentioned in the previous section, certain areas of the Website include free text fields where you can write messages to AtlasCargo, or otherwise allow you to post various types of content on the Website. These messages and content may (inadvertently or not) include Personal Data related to other persons.

In other sections of the Website, you are asked to submit Personal Data related to third parties, such as other contact persons in your company or your relatives who are employees of AtlasCargo.

In any situation where you decide to share Personal Data related to other persons, you will be considered as an independent data controller regarding that Personal Data, and must assume all inherent legal obligations and responsibilities. This means, among other things, that you must fully indemnify AtlasCargo against any complaints, claims or demands for compensation for damages which may arise from the processing of this Personal Data, brought by the third parties whose information you provide through the Website.

As AtlasCargodoes not collect this information directly from these third parties (but rather collects them, indirectly, from you), you must make sure that you have these third parties’ consent before providing any information regarding them to AtlasCargo; if not, then you must make sure there is some other appropriate grounds on which you can rely to lawfully give AtlasCargo this information.

  1. Browsing data

The Website’s operation, as is standard with any websites on the Internet, involves the use of computer systems and software procedures, which collect information about the Website’s users as part of their routine operation. While AtlasCargo does not collect this information in order to link it to specific users, it is still possible to identify those users either directly via that information, or by using other information collected – as such, this information must also be considered Personal Data.

This information includes several parameters related to your operating system and IT environment, including your IP address, location (country), the domain names of your computer, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of resources you request on the Website, the time of requests made, the method used to submit requests to the server, the dimensions of the file obtained in response to a request, the numerical code indicating the status of the response sent by the server (successful, error, etc.), and so on.

These data are used to compile statistical information on the use of the Website, as well as to ensure its correct operation and identify any faults and/or abuse of the Website.

  1. Cookies

– Definitions, characteristics, and application of standards

Cookies are small text files that may be sent to and registered on your computer by the websites you visit, to then be re-sent to those same sites when you visit them again. It is thanks to these cookies that those websites can “remember” your actions and preferences (e.g., login data, language, font size, other display settings, etc.), so that you do not need to configure them again when you next visit the website, or when you change pages within a website.


Cookies are used for electronic authentication, monitoring of sessions and storage of information regarding your activities when accessing a website. They may also contain a unique ID code which allows tracking of your browsing activities within a website, for statistical or advertising purposes. Some operations within a website may not be able to be performed without the use of cookies which, in certain cases, are technically necessary for operation of the website.

When browsing a website, you may also receive cookies from websites or web servers other than the website being visited (i.e., “third-party cookies”).

There are various types of cookies, depending on their characteristics and functions, which may be stored on your computer for different periods of time: “session cookies”, which are automatically deleted when you close your browser, and “persistent cookies”, which will remain on your device until their pre-set expiration period passes.

According to the law which may be applicable to you, your consent may not always be necessary for cookies to be used on a website. In particular, “technical cookies” – i.e. cookies which are only used to send messages through an electronic communications network, or which are needed to provide services you request – typically do not require this consent. This includes browsing or session cookies (used to allow users to login) and function cookies (used to remember choices made by a user when accessing the website, such as language or products selected for purchase).

On the other hand, “profiling cookies” – i.e., cookies used to create profiles on users and to send advertising messages in line with the preferences revealed by users while browsing websites – typically require specific consent from users, although this may vary according to the applicable law.

– Types of cookies used by the Website

The Website use the following types of cookies:

  • Browsing or session cookies, which are strictly necessary for the Website’s operation, and/or to allow you to use the Website’s content and Services.
  • Analytics cookies, which allow AtlasCargo to understand how users make use of the Website, and to track traffic to and from the Website.
  • Function cookies, which are used to activate specific Website functions and to configure the Website according to your choices (e.g., language), in order to improve your experience.
  • Profiling cookies, which are used to observe the preferences you reveal through your use of the Website and to send you advertising messages in line with those preferences.

AtlasCargo also uses third-party cookies – i.e. cookies from websites / web servers other than the Website, owned by third parties. These third parties will either act as independent data controllers from AtlasCargo regarding their own cookies (using the data they collect for their own purposes and under terms defined by them) or as data processors for AtlasCargo (processing personal data on AtlasCargo behalf). For further information on how these third parties may use your information, please refer to their privacy policies:

– Cookies present on the Website

In detail, the first-party cookies present on the Website are as follows:

Technical name Data Controller Cookie type, function and purpose Duration
scs AtlasCargo Browsing cookie.

Saves the user’s login details.

Expires after 30 days.
.ASPXAUTH AtlasCargo Browsing cookie.

Used to allow users to login to the Website.

Expires after 12 hours.
_ga AtlasCargo Function cookie.

Used to save the last used language on the Website.

Expires after 1 year.
__RequestVerificationToken AtlasCargo Analytics cookie.

Stops third parties from submitting requests to the Website generated by malicious scripts, instead of by users.

Expires at the end of a browsing session.
country AtlasCargo Function cookie.

Used to save the last country selected on the Website.

Expires after 30 years.
culture AtlasCargo Function cookie.

Used to save the last used language on the Website.

Expires after 30 years.
AtlasCargoAuth AtlasCargo Function cookie.

Saves user tickets.

Expires after 3 hours.


– Cookie settings

You can block or delete cookies used on the Website via your browser options. Your cookie preferences will be reset if different browsers are used to access the Website. For more information on how to set the preferences for cookies via your browser, please refer to the following instructions:

CAUTION: If you block or delete technical and/or function cookies used by the Website, the Website may become impossible to browse, certain services or functions of the Website may become unavailable or other malfunctions may occur. In this case, you may have to modify or manually enter some information or preferences every time you visit the Website.

AtlasCargo uses Google Analytics on the Website. This is a tool developed by Google and used to collect information, which permits evaluation of the use of the Website, analysis of your behaviour and improvement of your experience with the Website. You can obtain more information about how to opt out of Google Analytics at: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

  1. Purposes of processing

AtlasCargo intends to use your Personal Data, collected through the Website, for the following purposes:

  • To verify your identity and assist you, in case you lose or forget your login / password details for any of AtlasCargo registration services, to allow you to participate in the Website’s forums and discussions, by maintaining a registered user profile, as well as managing and registering your participation, and to provide any other Services which you may request (“Service Provision”);
  • To examine applicant’s resumes / CVs and to get in contact with applicants who have submitted their application via the Website (“Recruitment”);
  • For future marketing, promotional and publicity purposes, including to allow participation in contests and promotions available via the Website, as well as to carry out direct marketing, market research and surveys, via e-mail, SMS, push notifications, over the phone, through an operator, through AtlasCargo official social media pages (“Marketing”);
  • To create a profile of you as a Website user, through the use of profiling cookies and by collecting and analysing information on the preferences you select and choices you make in the Website, as well as your general activities on the Website. This profile will be used to give you information about other websites / services which AtlasCargo believes you may be interested in, and to show you information and advertisements which may be relevant to you and your interests. All algorithms involved in this processing are regularly tested, to ensure the processing’s fairness and control for bias (“Profiling”);
  • For compliance with laws which impose upon AtlasCargothe collection and/or further processing of certain kinds of Personal Data (“Compliance”);
  • For development and administration of the Website, in particular by use of data analytics regarding how you and other users use the Website, as well as the information and feedback you provide, to improve our offerings (“Analytics”);
  • To prevent and detect any misuse of the Website, or any fraudulent activities carried out through the Website (“Misuse/Fraud”).
  1. Grounds for processing and mandatory / discretionary nature of processing

AtlasCargo legal bases to process your Personal Data, according to the purposes identified in Section 3 , are as follows:

  • Service Provision: processing for these purposes is necessary to provide the Services and, therefore, is necessary for the performance of a contract with you. It is not mandatory for you to give AtlasCargo your Personal Data for these purposes; however, if you do not, AtlasCargo will not be able to provide any Services to you.
  • Recruitment: processing for this purpose is needed in order for AtlasCargo to be able to consider offering you a position and, therefore, is necessary to take steps at your request before (potentially) entering into an employment contract. It is not mandatory for you to give AtlasCargo your Personal Data for these purposes; however, if you do not, AtlasCargo will not be able to consider your candidacies.
  • Marketing: processing for these purposes is based on your consent. It is not mandatory for you to give consent to AtlasCargo for use of your Personal Data for these purposes, and you will suffer no consequence if you choose not to (aside from not being able to receive further marketing communications from AtlasCargo). Any consent given may also be withdrawn at a later stage (please see Section 8 for more information).
  • Profiling: processing for this purpose is based on your consent, given by accepting the use of profiling cookies. It is not mandatory for you to give consent to AtlasCargo for use of your Personal Data for this purpose, and you will suffer no consequence if you choose not to (aside from not being able to benefit from greater personalisation of your user experience regarding the Website). Any consent given may also be withdrawn at a later stage (please see Section 8 for more information).
  • Compliance: processing for this purpose is necessary for AtlasCargo to comply with its legal obligations. When you provide any Personal Data to AtlasCargo, AtlasCargo must process it in accordance with the laws applicable to it, which may include retaining and reporting your Personal Data to official authorities for compliance with tax, customs or other legal obligations.
  • Analytics: Information collected for this purpose is used to allow AtlasCargo to understand how users interact with the Website and to improve the Website accordingly, with the aim to providing a better user experience.
  • Misuse/Fraud: Information collected for this purpose is used exclusively to prevent and detect fraudulent activities or misuse of the Website (for potentially criminal purposes).

5. Recipients of Personal Data

Your Personal Data may be shared with the following list of persons / entities (“Recipients”):

  • Persons, companies or professional firms providing AtlasCargo with advice and consultancy regarding accounting, administrative, legal, tax, financial and debt collection matters related to the provision of the Services;
  • Entities engaged in order to provide the Services (e.g., hosting providers or e-mail platform providers);
  • Entities engaged as data processors, to carry out processing activities related to Marketing on AtlasCargo behalf, where you have consented to processing of your Personal Data for these purposes (e.g., SMS engines);
  • Persons authorised to perform technical maintenance (including maintenance of network equipment and electronic communications networks);
  • Persons authorised by AtlasCargo to process Personal Data needed to carry out activities strictly related to the provision of the Services, who have undertaken an obligation of confidentiality or are subject to an appropriate legal obligation of confidentiality (e.g., employees of AtlasCargo);
  • Other companies within the AtlasCargo Group; and
  • Public entities, bodies or authorities to whom your Personal Data may be disclosed, in accordance with the applicable law or binding orders of those entities, bodies or authorities;
  1. Transfer of Personal Data

Considering AtlasCargo worldwide presence and business operations, your Personal Data may be transferred to Recipients located in several different countries. AtlasCargo implements appropriate safeguards to ensure the lawfulness and security of these Personal Data transfers, such as by relying on adequacy decisions from the European Commission, standard data protection clauses adopted by the European Commission, or other safeguards or conditions considered adequate to the transfer at hand.

  1. Retention of Personal Data

Personal Data processed for Service Provision will be kept by AtlasCargo for the period deemed strictly necessary to fulfil such purposes – in any case, as these Personal Data are processed for the provision of the Services, AtlasCargo may continue to store this Personal Data for a longer period, as may be necessary to protect AtlasCargo interests related to potential liability related to the provision of the Services.

Personal Data processed for Recruitment will be kept by AtlasCargo for as long as the vacancy for which the CV was submitted is still available or, in case of open positions, for up to 1 year. AtlasCargo may contact applicants before the expiration of this period to request an extension of the retention period.

Personal Data processed for Marketing and Profiling will be kept by AtlasCargo from the moment you give consent until the moment you withdraw the consent given. Once consent is withdrawn, Personal Data will no longer be used for these purposes, although it may still be kept by AtlasCargo, in particular as may be necessary to protect AtlasCargo interests related to potential liability related to this processing.

Personal Data processed for Compliance will be kept by AtlasCargo for the period required by the specific legal obligation or by the applicable law.

Personal Data processed for Analytics and Misuse/Fraud will be kept by AtlasCargo for as long as deemed strictly necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected, unless you validly object to the processing of your Personal Data for these purposes (please see Section 8 for further information).

  1. Data subjects’ rights

Under the Regulation, you, as a data subject, are entitled to exercise the following rights before AtlasCargo, at any time:

  • Access your Personal Data being processed by AtlasCargo (and/or a copy of that Personal Data), as well as information on the processing of your Personal Data;
  • Correct·or update your Personal Data processed by AtlasCargo, where it may be inaccurate or incomplete;
  • Request erasure of your Personal Data being processed by AtlasCargo, where you feel that the processing is unnecessary or otherwise unlawful;
  • Request the restriction of the processing of your Personal Data, where you feel that the Personal Data processed is inaccurate, unnecessary or unlawfully processed, or where you have objected to the processing;
  • Exercise your right to portability: the right to obtain a copy of your Personal Data provided to AtlasCargo, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, as well as the transmission of that Personal Data to another data controller;
  • Object to the processing of your Personal Data, based on relevant grounds related to your particular situation, which you believe must prevent AtlasCargo from processing your Personal Data; or
  • Withdraw your consent to processing (for Marketing and Profiling).

Please note that most of the personal information you provide to AtlasCargo can be changed at any time, including your e-mail preferences, by accessing the user profile you can create on the Website.

You can withdraw consent regarding processing for Marketing by selecting the appropriate link included at the bottom of every marketing e-mail message received.

Aside from the above means, you can also exercise your rights described above by sending us a support request via the Website, or by sending a written request to AtlasCargo at the following address: privacy@AtlasCargome.com.

In any case, please note that, as a data subject, you are entitled to file a complaint with the competent supervisory authorities for the protection of Personal Data, if you believe that the processing of your Personal Data carried out through the Website is unlawful.

  1. Amendments

This Privacy Policy entered into force on May 23, 2018. AtlasCargo reserves the right to partly or fully amend this Privacy Policy, or simply to update its content, e.g., as a result of changes in applicable law. AtlasCargo will inform you of such changes as soon as they are introduced, and they will be binding as soon as they are published on the Website. AtlasCargo therefore invites you to regularly visit this Privacy Policy in order to acquaint yourself with the latest, updated version of the Privacy Policy, so that you may remain constantly informed on how AtlasCargo collects and uses Personal Data.

Refund Policy
  1. In the event that a Shipment remains in AtlasCargo possession for more than 21 days, AtlasCargo reserves the right to return the Shipment to the Customer at an extra charge to be paid by the Customer.
  2. In the event the Customer is in default of this agreement and/or fails to accept delivery of returned Shipment, AtlasCargo will have the right to dispose of such Shipment at AtlasCargo discretion, without the need to take any further legal action, or obtain a court order or a judgement in that regard. Customer indemnifies and holds AtlasCargo harmless from and against any third party, including official authorities, claims, liabilities, tax, penalties, or obligations of any nature whatsoever that may arise out of or in connection with disposing of such Shipment.


Cancellation Policy

Incase the customer request to Cancel the delivery, charges are apply to return the shipment.



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